1985 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Status Sold
Year 1985
Make Jeep
Model Grand Wagoneer
Mileage 80,050
Exterior Color Hunter Green Metallic
Interior Color Honey
Body SUV
Fuel type Gasoline
Engine 8 Cylinder
Transmission Automatic
Drive 4WD

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Grand Wagoneer by Classic Gentleman, internationally recognized as a leading buyer, restorer and seller of low mile, excellent condition Grand Wagoneers, presents this stunning 1985 Hunter Green showpiece, with just 80,050 actual miles. (That averages out to a remarkable 2,300 miles per year). She is a Grand Wagoneer by Classic Gentleman returning alumni, that we have refreshed after accumulating just under 2,000 miles by our past patron from South Carolina. His move to an island presented us with the opportunity to reacquire this handsome and special piece that we restored in 2018 and 2,000 easy miles ago.

The choice of color is quite often the most important factor for many of our buyers when selecting that Wagoneer they have always dreamed of. One of the top requests is by far the”ever illusive Hunter Green.” Search the web and they are always in very limited supply, especially low-mile excellent condition examples. With that in mind we professionally converted this original ho hum off white color to the ultimate sought after color in the Grand Wagoneer world, Hunter Green. That color conversion was extensive. We began by stripping off the old paint and removing the original wood trim and wood siding. The new Hunter Green finish was applied to the exterior sheet metal along with the engine bay and door jams. Inside the Wagoneer’s cabin we painted all the required to match metal surface as well. How well? We went so far as to even painting the metal cabin floor Hunter Green before it was covered with new carpeting.

The Carfax of this restored piece confirm the low 80,050 miles listed are original, showing the miles ticking up slowly over the years (we even have a current Actual Mile Title) and no accidents ever reported. Even better, she has, until our initial purchase, always been a 100% Nevada Grand Wagoneer. Great climate out there with no road salt used……ever. Our South Carolina buyer in 2018 likewise kept her away from the harsh winters of the Northeast or Midwest. Because of that, without question this Grand’s undercarriage is in very strong condition.

We applied the Hunter Green paint in 2018 and it is the highlight of this ’85. We also updated the front end of her with the preferred later model new front grill frame with the appropriate later model grill insert, headlamp dishes and finished up with installing a vintage hood ornament. New wood siding and wood trim was also installed at that same time. A previous owner replaced the tailgate glass at some point and we went ahead and finished the job by replacing not just the front windshield but likewise all the side glass on the Grand Wagoneer. Just the sunroof glass is original with normal ageing. Also completed in 2018 and just 2,000 miles ago we refinished factory wheels. The whitewall tires are brand new, just installed. The balance of exterior chrome and aluminum pieces, including the bumpers, wheel caps, door handles, side mirrors and the luggage rack, while not new still present in beautiful condition with only low mile usage and aging present.

The honey leather interior continues this excellent classic Grand’s presentation. We have just replaced and fitted new fabric inserts inside all the cabin seats, replaced any of the cracked leather pieces and completely re-coated the honey color leather. The dashboard and steering wheel has likewise just been re-coated. Completed under 2,000 miles ago by our staff here, we installed new carpeting on the cabin floor, along with the cargo area floor, sides and interior tailgate areas. Above it all, we fitted a new headliner. These pieces remain in excellent condition. All the seat belts in the Grand were also spanking new when we did the carpeting. The working interior options include power windows, power door locks, power seats along with the power mirrors. Let us not forget the all important and very rare SUNROOF, opening and closing just as it should. The climate controlling heat and air conditioning systems are fully serviced and ready to go. A modern AM/FM/CD player has also been installed.

These dark, rich honey interiors are only found on the ’85 & ’86 model years as after ’86, the interior colors became lighter and lighter. These dark honey interiors work so well with the Hunter Green outside wrapper, don’t you think? Likewise, 1985 was the last year for the vintage round gauges and overall nostalgic dashboard layout. This was also the introductory model year for the larger front seats that had built in headrests that was carried through till the very end of Grand Wagoneer production in 1991. So, with a 1985 example like this one, you get the classic interior coloring and look of the original Grand Wagoneers with the seating comfort of the most modern examples.

A good deal of money has also been spent looking after the engine/transmission and electricals. They all been inspected and works sorted, where deemed needed. That includes both the 4 wheel High and 4 wheel Low settings, the major upgrade to modern fuel injection, reviews of suspension and braking components, engine and transmission….on & on…. Yes, our sales are all as is but we are highly skilled specialists in the Grand Wagoneer field and our expertise shows in pieces like this one. We spend time and treasure not only on the cosmetic bits you can see, but also the important mechanicals.

At the risk of boring you, just the fuel injection upgrade alone included the professional installation of the following parts:

  • New fuel injection system installed, replacing the old carburetor.
  • Throttle body with mounting plate
  • Electric fuel pump
  • Inline fuel filter with hoses
  • Inline fuel pump
  • New engine harness with OBDII date connector
  • New oxygen sensor
  • Electronic ignition module
  • Electronic speed sensor to replace speedo cable
  • Frame thrower brand 8MM high performance ignition wire set
  • Premium distributor cap & rotor
  • Accel chrome ignition coil

Why buy from a Grand Wagoneer specialist? For us the answer is simple- our entire focus is on Grand Wagoneers and we know these unique vehicles inside and out. When you purchase a Classic Gentleman Wagoneer it has been thoroughly inspected and all necessary work completed by professional mechanics, some with over forty years of Wagaoneer experience. We purchase fine example Jeeps from a variety of sources including other dealers and private parties. We are often told by the seller, “My Jeep is excellent and needs nothing” however, being in this profession, we know to expect and plan for a great deal of sorting. Remember the average age of these vehicles is thirty years more or less, and even with loving care many mechanical parts have aged and worn accordingly. Purchase a Wagoneer from a source other than a specialist and odds are that you may experience servicing and repair costs that may dampen your joy and enthusiasm for that Wagoneer that you always wanted. You may only own one of these in your lifetime, while we buy, fully sort and sell dozens and dozens per year. That is a lot of practice and when a Classic Gentleman Grand Wagoneer arrives at your home, it is a special occasion. It will be in beautiful condition and ready to drive and enjoy. Our goal is to see that the joy and enthusiasm of Grand Wagoneer ownership begins immediately with your purchase and that it will be there for years to come.

Be sure to have a look at our website’s Recommendation Page where you can see first hand the positive experiences of a worldwide assortment of named buyers. We deal honestly and work hard to insure a happy buyer. You will never be pressured or chased for a sale but given all the time needed to insure if a purchase is right for you. Guided by these principals, our modestly sized niche dealership has built a loyal and devoted customer base spanning 5 continents.

If you wish to organize an inspection before purchase of this remarkable opportunity, please do so. This Grand will enthusiastically be made available. You are welcome to ring 724-996-1288 for a cordial discussion regarding this example or any other in our current or soon to be on offer inventory.

  • AM/FM Radio
  • CD player
  • Heat & Air Conditioning
  • Power Door Locks
  • Power Mirrors
  • Power Seats
  • Power Windows
  • Sunroof