1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Status Sold
Year 1988
Make Jeep
Model Grand Wagoneer
Mileage 39,332
Exterior Color Burgundy
Interior Color Burgundy
Body SUV
Fuel type Gasoline
Engine 8 Cylinder
Transmission Automatic
Drive 4WD

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Grand Wagoneer by Classic Gentleman, Internationally recognized as a leading buyer and seller of low mile excellent condition Grand Wagoneers, presents one of the lowest mile Grand Wagoneers on offer nationwide.

Auto Check and Carfax both confirm the Low Actual Miles with no accident ever being reported. This ’88 also carries an Actual Mile Ohio State Title.

Extreme low mileage Grand Wagoneers are becoming impossible to find and when you do, the market values are through the clouds and heading to the stars. Offered here is perhaps one of the last remaining very good condition Grands with miles in the upper 30’s and priced in the mid 20’s. Recently, just a little over $5,000 has been invested in this example to bring her condition into the overall very good range. She is a courtesy consignment I am handling for an old friend and because I’m not looking to run the tab up on him, you will find some relatively minor items the next buyer might wish to sort out. Still, the heavy lifting has been done for you. You can enjoy her thoroughly as presented or, tinker at your leisure just a little bit more. Those known needs include fitting a new radio, the gear position indicator needle on the steering column, getting the interior cabin roof lights operational, (Dash lights work fine, of course), power door locks, power mirrors and the cruise control needs looked after and reinstalling fog lights. There might be another thing or two but you get the idea, nothing too expensive nor anything that hampers enjoyment or diminishes the overall beauty of this remarkable low mile vintage Grand…….. $2,000.00 Would probably cover what is listed, leaving off the power mirrors and cruise control which are both poor designs and not reliable.

The light burgundy paint, with the exception of the roof, is recent and is in very good condition. The wood siding is also recent and excellent, from Team Grand Wagoneer. The original wood trim boards were reused and are in good condition. The front grill, bumpers, wheels and chrome trim exhibit normal low mile usage/ageing/wear. The whitewall tires have less than 50 miles on them.

The cabin is in overall very good condition with just the lightest of sun fade evident on the leather portion of the front seats. The extreme low miles driven is evident everywhere from the excellent condition carpet (With just a small corner of the rear cargo area having a wear spot) , through the door panels all the way up to and including the headliner. The kick panels on the front driver’s and passenger’s side are the only interior bits that could stand repair or replacing and they run under $100.00 Inside you will find the a/c and heat working correctly along with the power seats and power windows. (The rear window operates via dash mounted switch).

The engine and transmission along with the 4 wheel High (for road use) setting have all been serviced and are performing just as they should. We have not serviced the 4 wheel Low as that feature tends to freeze up over time, due to non use, and most all of our customers would never use that trail/mud bogging setting. We are happy to supply copies of the excess of $5,000 in recent works performed. We don’t spend monies on the appearances of engine bays and undercarriages as most all of our buyers are planning on driving and enjoying these Grands regularly. Normal wear, aging and surface rust will be present there but all will pass stringent New York State inspection guidelines.

Keep in mind of course these are 30 +/- year old machines with technology that even back when they were made was considered somewhat dated. If you end up owning one of these, expect to possibly have a fluid drip here or there and a higher level of maintenance or, as I like to refer to it, “romancing” than your modern car. That is just a truth, fellow enthusiast. Still, after our careful sorting, turning a wrench on one of these normally runs a lot less, price wise, than many contemporary automobiles on the road today. Yes, their acceleration can best be described as “funeral” and they might not outrun a dairy cow. True also, their power options, over time, might exhibit a poltergeist now and then…… but their minimal faults are just a part of them. They are supremely comfortable and offer a classic style and charm that exists only with them.

Be sure to have a look at our website’s recommendation page where you can see first hand the positive experiences of a worldwide assortment of named buyers. We are fortunate enough to be in the enviable position of selling all of our Grand inventory without too much difficulty. Some pieces might take a little longer to sell than others but in the end, they all go. To that end, we deal honestly and work hard to insure a happy buyer. You will never be pressured or chased for a sale but given all the time needed to insure if a purchase is right for you. Guided by these principals, our modestly sized niche dealership has built a loyal and devoted customer base spanning 5 continents.