1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Status Sold
Year 1991
Make Jeep
Model Grand Wagoneer
Mileage 126,850
Exterior Color Spinnaker Blue Metallic
Interior Color Sand
Body SUV
Fuel type Gasoline
Engine 8 Cylinder
Transmission Automatic
Drive 4WD

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Grand Wagoneer by Classic Gentleman, leading buyer, restorer and seller of low mile, excellent condition Grand Wagoneers presents this lovely, 1991 Final Edition Spinnaker Blue Grand.

The production of Grand Wagoneers came to a sad close in 1991. The final 1991 production year run was very small with only 1560 rolling out of the factory, down from a high of 28,871 units in 1978. That created a rare, highly sought after Final Edition collectible. Grand Wagoneers are predicted to enjoy steady price appreciation over the next decade and the rare ’91 Final Edition will be the most sought after.year. If you’re looking to own a true piece of Grand Wagoneer history, this is it. Plus, with this one professionally color converted to the most rare of 1991 factory colors… Spinnaker Blue Metallic. (There were only 25 Spinnaker Blue Grands produced in 1991). You have here one of the most favored and trendy collectible vintage Grands. See the Restoration Page on our website for detailed information on our restoration process.(Just one example of how thorough our color conversion process is, we even go as far as painting the metal floors underneath the new carpeting the new Spinnaker Blue Metallic.

All but 2,000 of her 126,850 miles have been in states registered below the Mason Dixon Line. Thanks to that fortunate circumstance, this Grand has a strong frame and undercarriage. Carfax confirms both the low 126,850 miles (which equate to just 4,500 miles per year) and the long southern registry.

That Spinnaker Blue Metallic paint has just been applied and is brilliant. Chances are you have never seen a Spinnaker Blue Grand in person and if you purchase this one, doubtful you will ever park beside another in this color, no matter how many classic car shows you attend.The exterior wood trim, and wood siding, is also new, sourced from Team Grand Wagoneer. We also fitted a new windshield to her along with a new front grill frame and fresh whitewall tires wrapping around professionally refinished wheels. The bumpers, center wheel caps and remaining exterior chrome/aluminum trim, whilst not new, remain in very good condition reflecting the low mile southern usage.

The sand color interior is likewise beautiful, as the pictures portray. All the floor carpeting is new, along with the carpet in the cargo area sides and interior tailgate. Just the carpeting on the seat backs and lower 4 door side panels are original and of course those areas don’t receive much wear, ever. There are also new custom Grand Wagoneer floor mats to protect the fresh carpet. The leather portion of the seats have been re-coated and all the seats have been fitted with new fabric inserts. The dashboard has also been re-coated, along with the steering wheel. Above it all, we have installed a new headliner. The power mirrors, power windows, power seats, AM//FM CD stereo along with the heat and air conditioning, are all in working order. Just the bothersome cruise control and the exterior temperature/ compass heading readouts are not function and because of their poor factory design, possibly never did.

Our mechanical & electrical sorting is likewise comprehensive with MODERN FUEL INJECTION being fitted to this Final Edition along with a host of other mechanical works being performed. I cannot emphasize enough what a trade up it is leaving the old carburetor on the shop floor and installing modern fuel injection. The Grand Wagoneer was the last vehicle made in America with a carburetor and whoever at Jeep decided to save the company money and go that direction was a borderline serial saboteur to the brand. Stranded Jeep owners temperature levels would raise to crematorium levels because of these old carbs and swapping them out for fuel injection will alleviate buyers of the biggest reliability drawback to a vintage Grand Wagoneer. The four wheel drive is likewise fully serviced and ready for any weather. We are happy to email scan to you this Final Edition’s document file detailing the works we sorted and completed here along with the Carfax.

Why buy from a Grand Wagoneer specialist? For us the answer is simple- our entire focus is on Grand Wagoneers and we know these unique vehicles inside and out. When you purchase a Classic Gentleman Wagoneer it has been thoroughly inspected and all necessary work completed by professional mechanics, some with over forty years of Wagaoneer experience. We purchase fine example Jeeps from a variety of sources including other dealers and private parties. We are often told by the seller, “My Jeep is excellent and needs nothing” however, being in this profession, we know to expect and plan for a great deal of sorting.

Remember the average age of these vehicles is thirty years more or less, and even with loving care many mechanical parts have aged and worn accordingly. Purchase a Wagoneer from a source other than a specialist and odds are that you may experience servicing and repair costs that may dampen your joy and enthusiasm for that Wagoneer that you always wanted. You may only own one of these in your lifetime, while we buy, fully sort and sell dozens and dozens per year. That is a lot of practice and when a Classic Gentleman Grand Wagoneer arrives at your home, it is a special occasion. It will be in beautiful condition and ready to drive and enjoy. Yes, our sales are as-is, but as you will see from our detailed document files, she has been looked after closely. Our goal is to see that the joy and enthusiasm of Grand Wagoneer ownership begins immediately with your purchase and that it will be there for years to come.

Be sure to have a look at our website’s recommendation page where you can see first hand the positive experiences of a worldwide assortment of named buyers. We deal honestly and work hard to insure a happy buyer. You will never be pressured or chased for a sale but given all the time needed to insure if a purchase is right for you. Guided by these principals, our modestly sized niche dealership has built a loyal and devoted customer base spanning 5 continents. Please ring us directly at 724-996-1288 if this Grand, or any of our others, enjoy your interest.