1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

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Status For Sale, Under Restoration
Year 1991
Make Jeep
Model Grand Wagoneer
Mileage 147,200
Exterior Color Colorado Red
Interior Color Sand
Body SUV
Fuel type Gasoline
Engine 8 Cylinder
Transmission Automatic
Drive 4WD

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Frame off restoration undergoing mechanical and cosmetic works with estimated completion date of second quarter 2025… Reserve Now as our available and in production restoration Colorado Red pieces continue to be complete sellouts year in and year out…

Grand Wagoneer by Classic Gentleman ,Internationally recognized as a leading buyer, restorer, and seller of low mile excellent condition Grand Wagoneers presents this 1991 Final Edition undergoing our frame off restoration and a color conversion to that seldom seen COLORADO RED .

As a Jeep enthusiast you are undoubtedly aware of the limited number of 1991 Grand Wagoneers produced. Wikipedia reports that only 1560 Grand Wagoneers rolled of the Toledo assembly line in that final year ending the life of one of America’s most iconic vehicles. Some sources feel that the number could be slightly higher, but we know without question that the final year production was by far the lowest total in the Wagoneers history and in automotive history this vehicle ranks near the top of an American Classic produced in such limited numbers. Quality examples worthy of restoration are becoming more and more difficult to locate with each passing year.

We are color converting this fine example into that highly sought after color – COLORADO RED- a perfect choice for this wonderful ’91. The story of the red finish on the Grand Wagoneer is unique and here are the two reasons that red is not as prolific as the other colors that you generally see on the Grand Wagoneer.

The actual “GRAND” nameplate began in 1984 and ended in 1991. During that eight-year span, according to our Jeep paint color chart, Colorado Red was never offered to Jeep dealers. That’s right- ZERO stock Wagoneers in Colorado Red were ever shipped from the factory. What about the red ones that come up for sale? The answer is simple- they were special ordered. You are probable aware that car salesmen are usually paid once a vehicle is delivered. As you might expect many Wagoneer salesmen were not eager to pull out the special-order color chart and having to wait weeks or months to collect a commission check. Not a stocking color and few special orders made Colorado Red quite scarce in the Wagoneer saga. The years before the Grand Wagoneer nameplate (1963-1983) featured some red finishes with names like Sebring Red, Trans Am Red and Firecracker Red to name a few, but once again no Colorado Reds of any model were produced. Red ones never stay in our inventory for very long as you might imagine.

This investment grade FINAL EDITION was a two-owner piece until or acquisition and apart from our purchase the only state showing on the CARFAX is the SOUTHERN STATE of ARKANSAS. Her former owners cherished this Grand and passed down from one owner to the next was the original window sticker ($ 30,289 was the sticker if you are curious.) The miles showing are actual with less than 4500 miles traveled per year. Here’s your opportunity to own a true classic Grand Wagoneer that is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you travel.


Exterior cosmetic restoration works:

  • Full color conversion into Colorado Red
  • New Wood Trim
  • New Wood Siding
  • New Windshield
  • New rubber door seals & window wipes
  • 5 New white wall tires wrapping professionally refinished wheels
  • The remaining exterior chrome and aluminum bits, such as the front grille, bumpers, center wheel caps, door handles, luggage rack and so on, whilst not new, as they are no longer manufactured new, only exhibit low mile desert usage and as such, still present nicely.

Interior cosmetic restoration works:

  • Seats reupholstered by our Amish craftsmen with all new leather & new fabric inserts and new carpeting on the back of the seats
  • New carpeting on the floors, inner tailgate, cargo sides with new cargo boards, lower door panels & custom matched floor mats
  • New Headliner
  • Dashboard & steering wheel recoated

Electrical/mechanical works:


  • Professionally re-manufactured factory spec correct 360ci V8 motor installed, including:
    • Installed precision milled cylinder heads
    • Installed Valve train: new valves (stainless exhaust & plated intake valves), new valve seals, new valve seating
    • Leak tested Heads & Block
    • New Main Bearings
    • New Oil Pump
    • New Pistons
    • New Rod Bearings
    • New Seals & Gaskets
    • New Timing Chain
    • Break-In Oil Included
    • New Hydraulic Flat Tappet Lifters
    • New motor mounts
    • Front & rear main seals replaced

Modern fuel injection includes:

  • Throttle body with mounting plate
  • Electric fuel pump
  • Inline fuel filter with hoses
  • Inline fuel pump
  • New engine harness with OBDII date connector
  • New oxygen sensor
  • Electronic ignition module
  • Electronic speed sensor to replace speedo cable
  • 8MM high performance ignition wire set
  • Premium distributor cap & rotor
  • New spark plugs
  • Accel chrome ignition coil
  • New vacuum hoses

Transmission & 4 wheel drive systems

  • Transmission rebuilt with new torque converter, all interior and exterior seals replaced, replace clutch plates, frictions and bands, new fluid, filters and gaskets.
  • Replaced gear lube of front & rear differentials for 4 wheel drive High & Low
  • New transmission mounts

Air conditioning & coolant systems

  • Air conditioning system pressurized & Freon recharged
  • Updated to R134
  • Coolant system service includes new water pump, thermostat, heater hoses, upper & lower radiator hoses & bypass hose, fresh antifreeze.

Braking, wheel components & undercarriage

  • Front brake service – New rotors, pads, rubber hoses, rebuilt brake calipers, wheel bearings cleaned, inspected & repacked with fresh grease & inner hub seal replaced
  • Rear brake service- New brake shoes, drums, wheel cylinders, brake hardware (anchor pins & springs) adjusters cleaned & lubed. New rubber hoses from frame to rear differential. Master cylinder flushed out & new brake fluid installed.
  • 4 New shocks fitted
  • 5 New whitewall tires
  • New muffler and tailpipe
  • Frame completely removed from chassis
  • Undercarriage primer sealed to protect against future rust with Eastwood Coatings painted black frames and grey floors.
  • New front leaf springs
  • New rear leaf springs

Key electrical components & parts replaced

  • Battery w/ new cables
  • Starter
  • Alternator
  • Fuel sending unit
  • Oil pressure switch
  • Ignition switch
  • Inner fender ignition module
  • Neutral safety switch
  • Upgraded headlamps to Hella 9003 halogen bulbs

Why buy from a Grand Wagoneer specialist?

Our entire focus is on Grand Wagoneers and we know these unique vehicles inside and out. When you purchase a Classic Gentleman Wagoneer it has been thoroughly inspected and works completed by professional mechanics, some with over forty years of Wagaoneer experience. We purchase fine example Jeeps from a variety of sources including other dealers and private parties. We are often told by the seller, “My Jeep is excellent and needs nothing” however, being in this profession, we know to expect and plan for a great deal of sorting. Remember the average age of these vehicles is over thirty years old and even with loving care many the cosmetics and mechanical parts have aged and worn accordingly. When a Classic Gentleman Grand Wagoneer arrives at your home, it is a special occasion and the Grand will be in beautiful condition. Yes, our sales are as-is, but as you will see from our detailed document files that your Grand has been looked after carefully. Our goal is to see that the joy and enthusiasm of Grand Wagoneer ownership begins immediately with your purchase and that it will be there for years to come.

Still, and here is the most honest paragraph you have perhaps ever seen from a restoration house/dealer, in some ways these Jeeps were terrible even when they were new. Sometimes we wonder if automotive engineering was more of a hobby with Jeep executives. For example, a Grand Wagoneer was the very last vehicle produced in America still fitted with a carburetor. The factory installing an ancient artifact like a carburetor to these Grands is a perfect example of Wagoneers being more primitive than other vehicles of the same model years. Now we automatically upgrade and modernize each of our Grands with MODERN FUEL INJECTION, eliminating the troublesome carburetor and therefore also eliminating the next owner having to constantly hector his local Jeep service advisor to adjust the carburetor. But, in most every other way, we can’t change the method these were built by the factory. In many respects the manufacturer used outdated technology and manufacturing methods and as a restorer, we will always be compromised by that circumstance. Did you know you can remove the front grill from a final year 1991 Grand Wagoneer and behind it still see the round cut out holes for the 1963 Jeep Wagoneer headlights? Those are just two examples above to illuminate the discussion. Therefore, please understand you will do more maintenance and servicing of a vintage Grand Wagoneer than a modern piece, even one we have restored. That is just a truth, fellow enthusiast. If you don’t have the un-excitability and tolerance for that, then let us say to you candidly, don’t buy one. But let us also remind you that it is indeed that old school style and looks of a Grand Wagoneer that have made them so ever popular today.

Be sure to have a look at our website’s recommendation page where you can see first hand the positive experiences of a worldwide assortment of named buyers. We deal honestly and work hard to insure a happy buyer. You will never be chased for a sale but given all the time needed to insure if a purchase is right for you. Guided by these principals, our modestly sized niche dealership has built a loyal and devoted customer base spanning 5 continents.

You are welcome to ring 724-996-1288 for a cordial discussion regarding this example or any other in our current or soon to be on offer extensive inventory.